Castle Caereinion Community Council

In Wales, Community Councils are the most local units of democratic government. They give local people a say in matters which affect them directly. They can serve as a focal point for co-ordinated action and enable communities to influence the future of their locality.  Our own Community Council consists of 8 elected Councillors from in and around Castle Caereinion, Cwm Golau and Cyfronydd, supported by the Clerk. The Council enables the community to have local influence over planning applications and highway safety and maintenance.   We are also responsible for the safety and maintenance of the village play area.

Meetings will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesdays,  Members of the community are always welcome to attend meetings but please check agendas in the shop or Community Hall before coming, as we may need to change some meetings to Wednesdays.  You can also contact one of your Councillors if you have any concerns or suggestions about community issues:

Nigel Bowen (Chair) 07703193381
Gary Human 01938 850340 (Vice-Chair)
Margaret Jerman 01938 850287
Gareth Davies 01938 810581
Joan Wyatt 01938
Nigel Evans
Lisa Rees
Clive Jones
Carys Evans (Clerk)


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